Street Life: The Conversation

“Street life: the conversation” was a project run by Community Links in Newham.  The aim of the project was to enable young people to explore the issues of guns, gangs and knives and to develop their own response to the issue. The project consisted of workshops with young people across Community Links’ five community centres, detached youth work and a big anti - violence community event.

Community Links was keen that the young people were exposed to the voice of families whose lives have been devastated through the loss of someone through violent crime and invited a number of people from the Through Unity coalition to take part.

The Project ended with a big event which over 300 young people attended with local decision makers. The event showcased the work of young people who had made dramas, songs, t-shirts designs etc all on anti-violence themes. The event ended with a panel discussion about how the community could work together to reduce violence. Ray Donavan and Mark One were on the panel along with Jeremy Gilley from Peace One Day, Lyn Brown MP, Wendy Zadigue, Deputy Youth Mayor and Mark Walcott Head of Performing Arts at Newham College.

Ray Donavon said about the event: “as victims of crime, we found it encouraging and mind blowing to see so many young people wanting to do something to win back the streets of their community. They have our utmost respect.”